Parent Testimonials


"We were extremely fortunate to have Breanne as our son's speech therapist while he was still in nursery school.  She is warm and nurturing and clearly passioinate about what she does, and the children she works with.  Breanne was able to build rapport quickly, develop his pragmatic and expressive language skills while making it all seem like fun.  On top of that, she taught us new ways to practice these skills through games we could play at home.  We wish we still had her, but fortunately, her influence lives on!" -Karen, Parent of 3-year-old child


“My son was diagnosed with apraxia when he was 18 months. When he started seeing Breanne (when he was barely 2) he had no words and was very quiet. Breanne put together a very smart plan for him that targeted his specific needs. He always loved playing with Breanne and was excited about going to their sessions. She was available to discuss with us our son’s progress and challenges, and was very open to working with his other therapists. Our son made such tremendous progress during the year he saw Breanne. By the end of that year he was a fully verbal kid and he used sentences in his social interactions and play. Breanne played a big role in making this happen. We will be forever grateful for her.” - Keren, Parent of 2-year-old child


 "My son worked with Breanne during his time at a center-based program and he made tremendous gains with his speech and articulation during that year. As a therapist she was very engaging and my son just loved working with her. Breanne was always ready to take things to the next level and happy to work with anyone and everyone on his team." -Elena, parent of 2-year-old child


 "Breanne was a joy to work with. My child loved doing “special work” with her, and I loved her professionalism and demonstrated ability to help work through my child’s speech challenges. It was amazing to see how much Carter progressed from the beginning to the end of his time with Breanne." -Jae, parent of 4-year-old child


"Breanne worked with our daughter for 1 year and we found her to be a wonderful teacher for her. Her patience, incredibly calm demeanor and genuine compassionate helped my daughter gain language and also helped alleviate her frustrations. Breanne was creative and implemented different activities to keep her focused and engaged." -Diane, parent of 7-year-old child



Phone: (413) 570-3238


Hours: 9-5 Monday Thursday, Fridays 9-3



  • B.S. in Speech-Language and Audiology - NYU
  • M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology - Columbia Teachers College
  • Licensed SLP in state of Massachusetts 
  • Member of American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA)
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