Northampton Speech Therapy Speech-Language Therapy for Children Home-based, School-based, and Teletherapy
Northampton Speech TherapySpeech-Language Therapy for Children Home-based, School-based,and Teletherapy

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Hours: 9-5 Monday - Thursday, Fridays 9-3



  • B.S. in Speech-Language and Audiology - NYU
  • M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology - Columbia Teachers College
  • Licensed SLP in state of Massachusetts 
  • Member of American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA)
  • Training in the Lindamood LiPs Program for Reading, Spelling, and Speech
  • PROMPT training
  • Kaufman Speech to Language Training

Breanne's Philosophy

At the heart of effective speech-language therapy is a positive, nurturing relationship between the therapist and child. This begins with the very first session and continues throughout the therapeutic process. In order to establish and build rapport, Breanne first gains an understanding of your child's unique set of needs, interests, likes, and dislikes. This allows her to create an individualized program that will build your child's motivation and confidence to work on any aspect of communication, even those areas that are most challenging.


Speech-language therapy is most beneficial to a child when it is motivating and fun! Especially young children learn best through play. Therefore, Breanne uses a wide variety of play-based activities during her therapy sessions, from structured games, to pretend play, to art projects, to reading books. The possibilities are endless depending on what works best for your child's unique learning style.


Play creates an unparelled platform for successful intervention. When your child learns first and foremost that communication can be fun, he/she will be more and more likely to want to try on their own. As they become more successful with the support of a therapist, their confidence will also grow.

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